This Blog will be centred around personal improvement, self leadership and leadership.  Claude Hamilton said that “A Person will only change when the pain of staying the same dontbeafraidofchangebecomes greater than the pain of CHANGE!”  In my opinion the world is in need of change, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwi’s, all are in need of change….NOW!
I will start first with looking at myself in the mirror and asking the tough questions what do I need to improve?  What thinking do I need to change immediately?  Who do I need to surround myself with?  What books do I need to read?

man-looking-in-the-mirrorIn time hopefully I will be enough of an example to others to inspire them enough that they may also look in the mirror and begin the process of growing and changing themselves, so they may eventually change their family, then change their town, then their country, then the world.  It all starts with YOU and ME.

Will you join me in the fight against the status quo?

infront of mirror

Ideas have consequences and the goal of this blog is to discuss ideas of consequence. Some ideas you may agree with and some you may not.  The rules of this blog are simple.  Discuss in a civil manner and maintain emotional intelligence even if someone disagrees with you.

20 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Valerie Roach said:

    Hi Phil!

    I’m glad to see you’ve started a blog! I’m looking forward to be inspired by yet another Lifer, living the life!

    I read your first post & realized that I read it in your accent… Probably making it just that much better.

    Good luck! Looking forward to hear more.

    Valerie R.


  2. waynemacnamara said:

    Looking forward to all your great insight on leadership and personal development. We are not keeping an accurate scoreboard if we don’t think we need to grow. Change is automatic, growth is optional.

    Luv ya pal


  3. Juanita M said:

    Hi Phil, Great that you are starting a blog, I really enjoy reading it. Keep up the great words as they are inspiring.
    Really looking forward to reading more.

    Juanita 🙂


  4. Hey Phil,

    Looking forward to you helping Steph and I get RT this year! We both thank you, Catherine and the team for all the help and support. And Wayne…look out…RT this year PC next.



  5. Pierre Lampron said:

    Well said my friend. I know I need to look in the mirror myself and answer those same questions. It is time to change ourselves so that we can become better person in order to make a difference in the world and society.


  6. davebailey said:

    Dr. Phil- Thanks for leading the way! 2013- “The year of the Round Table!”


  7. Phil,
    Now all we need is a “how-to-haka” video to make the site a true success.
    Can’t wait to hear more from you.
    Keep rocking,


  8. tim wollbrinck said:

    Phil, Your leadership IS inspiring, as you demonstrated by coming and visiting the team here in Missouri last month. Just getting going in the business and I’m very appreciative of the investment you made to us, thanks for the training and this article. Its time for change, starting here!


    • Phil Wall said:

      You are so right Tim. Change is needed, and the time is now. Welcome to the a Leadership Revolution, and welcome to LIFE we are glad to have you.


  9. Juanita Mulhern said:

    Great site Phil. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


  10. Phil,

    Looking forward to your next post. 3 month is too long to hear additional pearls of wisdom fro you.
    Fight the good fight brutha,



  11. Rick McGraw said:

    Awesome blog Phil.


  12. Several times along the way I have been challenged to look in the mirror as an effort toward self improvement. Never had done it until just now. Told myself that I am winner because of my PBO status in Life Leadership. No joke, I am sure this Business is God ordained. How can we not be successful if we rise to the challenge


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